Few garden plants capture the imagination as much as the rose with its beautiful flowers and delightful fragrance. The flowers of the pink rose also have that magical beauty which has delighted gardeners all over the world for centuries. The rose develops best if it gets enough sun and is not too dry or too wet.

Height: up to 100 centimetres
When to sow the rose: preferably in the autumn
Flowering time: June to September
Latin name: Rosa
Type of plant: shrub
Good pruning is the art of beautiful rose bushes, follow the instructions carefully.


Some species have beautiful, strongly scented pink flowers. Because these plants can grow considerably, you usually see them in larger gardens and parks. The strong smell attracts many insects. A snowball in the garden also means a lot of fuss

Height: from 1 to 3 metres
When to sow snowballs: planting in spring
Flowering time: Summer
Latin name: Viburnum
Type of plant: muskweed
The long straight branches of the Viburnum were often used as arrow shafts in prehistoric times. The berries of the Viburnum are sometimes mildly poisonous to humans. Caution is advised.

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